early days

I was always pulled towards the creative areas, from grade school through high school, and beyond. I only ever struggled with finding the right balance.

Bringing computers into the mix only added additional addiction towards the passion I had for creating art through any medium I could get my hands on. Digital visuals through 8-bit tools, 3D models, or music in the form of tracker tools downloaded from a local BBS in the mid-to-late 90s.

Soon after I stumbled across web design only to provide a way to display my work online, only to constantly get requests for quotes on web projects. The start to my over 20 years in the industry from roles as low as Jr. Design up to Creative Director in my later years.

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music journey

When someone or something inspires me, it doesn’t matter if I know them, or they were in an article, or someone on a stage, the desire to use that fuel to produce something burns, until I either create something of my own, or find something to distract me enough to replace that desire.

Over the years I had gone back to music on-and-off, but something happened in 2014, I couldn’t stop. The industry I was in was on a massive decline, an the music industry has an unlimited number of genre branches, waiting to be heard.

Several live shows brought me to opening acts, related artists and other inspiring musicians. HF5’s early tracks were produced and the music that would eventually shift my focus towards HF5 + New Oblivion had begun.

…Early Days